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leftTop Johan Wendle Krause

The First Crouse (Krause) Born in America
Johan Wendle Krause was born October 23, 1740 in New Holland, PA and married Anna Marie Pfeil. Johan's parents were Melchior Krause & Eva Margaretha. From this union came eight childen as listed below.
  1. Andrew Krause born in Ashe County, NC
  2. Johan Krause Jr. born 1762 in Ashe County, NC
  3. Adam Krause born 1771 Ashe County, NC
  4. Maria Margareth Krause born 1772 in Ashe County, NC
  5. Henry Krause born in Ashe County, NC
  6. George Krause born in Ashe County, NC
  7. Jacob Krause born 1774 Ashe County, NC
  8. Catharine Maria Krause born in Ashe County, NC
As far as we know Johann Wendel is the first CROUSE to be born in America. The baptism of Johann Wendel, was recorded at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church , New Holland, Lancaster Co., PA on Nov. 6th 1740. Sponsors were Wendel Zwecker and wife.

Johann Wendel was apparently a wheeler and dealer as there are numerous land records around the northeast section of North Carolina. In Stokes Co., NC estate records has an estate record dated 5 Dec 1803 with John Krause, Jr. & Andrew Krouse named as administrators of the estate of Windel Krause.

The Stokes Co., NC Deed book 5, page 93, also has a record of the sale of land between John Krause, Andrew Krause, Henry Krause, Adam Krause, George Krause, Jacob Krause, and Anna Krous or Mary Krause, the wife of Windle Krause, deceased of Stokes Co. & Ash Co. but all of the state of NC of the one part and Henry Long of Stokes Co. of the other part on 24 Aug 1805. Signatures are of John, Andrew, Henry, Adam, Geo, Jacob, and Anna Mary Krause.

The 1790 Stokes Co., NC census lists Windle Krouse, 3 males in household 16 & up, 1 under 16, 4 females. (Windle would have been about 50 yrs old.) Listed next to Windle is John Krouse with 2 males 16 & up, 3 males under 16, 4 females. Next is Andrew Krause, living alone. The next household belonged to Henry Krouse with 1 male over 16, 2 females. Another John Krouse is listed separately. He had 1 male over 16, 1 under 16, 4 females. Maria Margarethe Krause is Wendel and Anna Mary (Maria) Krause's only known daughter. The above referenced Record of the Moravians states: Br. Pfohl was called to the widow of Wendel Krause who died a few days ago. On the very day on which her husband was buried she was taken sick with fever and was now very weak. Br. Pfohl talked with her yesterday when he visited her daughter (wife of Charles Holder), with whom she is staying at present.

The estate record of Wendel Krause was signed by Andrew Krouse, John Krouse, Charles Holder, son-in-law, Peter Hauser, and William Welbourne. Bondsmen were Andrew Krouse, John Krouse, Jun., Charles Holder, Peter Hauser, and William Welbourne. A family history by Virginia Young listed daughters Hannah Krause, married to Peter Hauser, thinks they lived in Stokes Co., NC, maybe Shiloh Lutheran Church area, and Polly Krause, married to William Welbourne, thinks they lived in the same area. Charles & Margaret Krause are not included in the sale of Wendel's land after his death nor is Peter Hauser or William Welbourne. The 1790 census record lists4 females in Wendel's household. However I can find nothing to confirm these marriages. I also have nothing on a possible daughter of Wendel's named Catherine Marie Krause who married George Henry Long. Is George Henry Long the Henry Long that the sons and widow of Wendel Krause sold his land to in 1805?

Wendel Krause is listed in the Shiloh Lutheran Church Register of Burials. Forsythe Co., NC with birth date Nov 1793 in PA, age 64 yr 10 mo at time of death Sep 1803. (This must be a typing error as date of birth should read 1740. Records of the Moravians, Volume VI, 1793-1808 Bethania, page 2754, states: Sep 20, Br. Pfohl was called to the widow of Wendel Krause, who died a few days ago.

Wendell Krause is listed on the 1774, 1775 and 1777 tax list in Surry County. Surry County included what is now Forsyth County until about 1777-78. Wendel Krause's estate was valued at 201 Pounds and was assessed for 8 shillings and 7 pence. There were a few others that were valued much higher, but this valuation was in the top 25%. Johann Wendel's grave is located at the Old Cemetery of the Shiloh Lutheran Church on Lewisville-Vienna Rd in Lewisville, NC. (see below)

Shiloh Church in Clemmoms, NC

Old Shiloh Cemetary in Clemmoms, NC

Wendel's Grave at the old Shiloh Cemetary in Clemmoms, NC

Wendel's Headstone at the old Shiloh Cemetary in Clemmoms, NC

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