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leftTop Martin Crouse
Martin Crouse was born 1797 Ashe County, NC and married Susanna Waggoner in 1819. Martin's parents were Adam Krause & Elizabeth Waggoner.
  1. Winston Crouse born February 8, 1820 in Ashe County, NC
  2. Evyline Crouse born July 22, 1823 in Ashe County, NC
  3. Frances Crouse born July 22, 1823 in Ashe County, NC
  4. William Crouse born October 1825 in Ashe County, NC
  5. Eli Crouse born May 19, 1827 in Ashe County, NC
  6. Jacob Crouse born in Ashe County, NC
  7. Calvin Crouse born June 8, 1830 Ashe County, NC
  8. Wadie Crouse born in Ashe County, NC
  9. Andrew Crouse born April 27, 1834 in Ashe County, NC
  10. Stephen Crouse born September 27, 1836 in Indiana
  11. Henry Crouse born November 1839 in Indiana
  12. Benjamin Crouse born January 31, 1841 in Indiana
  13. Harrison Crouse born September 9, 1843 in Indiana
  14. Frederick Crouse born October 11, 1845 in Indiana
  15. Susan Crouse born October 8, 1848 in Indiana
Martin Crouse, the father, was born in North Carolina in 1797. At that time, the country was a dense wilderness and it was necessary for him, as was the case of all settlers, to undergo many perils and privations in redeeming the land from the hands of the Indians. The present generation cannot even begin to realize what those old settlers had to pass through in order that we might enjoy the fruit of their early labor.

In 1819 Martin Crouse sought the hand of Susanna Waggoner in matrimony, back in the state of North Carolina. To this union was born the large family of fifteen children - eleven boys and four girls. After their ninth child was born in North Carolina they packed-up and settled on the present line of Clay and Owen Counties of Indiana in 1834. They then had 6 more children in borm in Indiana. From these, 107 grandchildren and 125 great-grandchildren, making the descendants of Martin and Susan Crouse total 247. In 1880, Martin Crouse moved to Illinois, where he died April 13 1883. His wife, Susanna, died in 1881.

Martin & Susanna
First Baptist Church in Bogota, IL

Established 1880 in Bogota, IL

Devore Cemetery in Bogota, IL

Martin's Grave

Martin's Grave 2
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