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leftTop Ellensburg 2006 Reunion
Jack D. Crouse - July 31, 2006
The covered wagons (RV's) started rolling in before Friday the 28th, in July of 2006 and set up site at the home of Jim & Dawn Crouse in Ellensburg, Washington. This is the same house where Jim and his five siblings were raised by his parents Bernie and Maudie Crouse. Bernie's father was Harve Crouse. The reunion revolved around the descendants of Harve & Christina Crouse. Only Arlean and Nona are the remaining direct descendants of this family of 12 children. By Friday there were well over 40 relatives. The night was spent talking, telling family stories, drinking, joking, introductions and preparing the pig for the roast the next day. Some family memebers stayed up literally all night and into the next day.

Relatives came as far as Europe - Aviano, Italy to be exact. The weather was perfect for the reunion hitting in the high 70's, where just a week ago it had been near 100. An east wind, indigenous to the area, blew steadily and nighttime temperatures where a brisk 55. By Saturday the party had swollen to approximately 85 strong with kids playing badminton, on the swing sets, in the sand, tetherball and even foosball for the older kids (men). The feast being prepared was centered on the pig that was roasting. There were many relatives that were meeting for the very first time and some that had not seen each other for decades.

Arlean was the only direct descendant of Harve that attended the reunion. At the prime age of 89 she was telling stories of the Crouse Family. It is times like this that we realize that out ancestors carry more history than we can ever uncover by all the research we attempt.

Later Saturday afternoon a band showed up and started playing tunes for the Family feast, but another surprise was in the making. Elvis Presley (or an impersonator) showed up and sang his Hits to the women in the crowd. For putting together such a grand celebration Jim honored his wife Dawn with an introduction and Birthday presents much to her embarrassment. The evening settled in and people gathered around the bonfire still eating and drinking.

By Sunday many everyone had left for home but others stayed around visiting and saying goodbye. The last to leave was Tuesday night as they rolled out of town.

Ellensburg 2006 Reunion Group Picture

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I. Descendants of Bernie Arthur Crouse (Deceased) were...

Doris Eilene Wells (Crouse) - Yelm, WA (Bernie's first child)

  • Kathy & Danny Toro - Goleta, CA
    1. Paul Toro - Goleta, CA
    2. Shelly & Dave Donahue - Goleta, CA
    3. Nadine & Jace & Turner - Santa Barbara, CA
      1. Eden Turner - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Lynda Ivans - Bellevuew, WA
    1. Lonnie & Shannon Dotson - Marysville, WA
    2. Debbie Gronvale - Ishpeming, MI
  • Nick & Leslie Ivans - Edmonds, WA
    1. Christine Ivans - Edmonds, WA
    2. Amanda Ivans - Edmonds, WA
  • Phillip & Anne Ivans, Sherwood, OR
    1. Rebecca Kay Ivans - Sherwood, OR
    2. Nickolas Alexander Ivans - Sherwood, OR
Ray & Leona Renolds (Crouse) - Sacramento CA (Leona is Bernie's 2nd child)
  • Steve & Vicki Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
    1. Talena Fay Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
      1. Dillon Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
    2. Jesse Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
    3. Koni Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
  • Beverly Jean Bailey - Ellensburg, WA
    1. Richard & Ellie Bailey - Ellensburg, WA
  • Charles Howard & Kathleen Michele Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
    1. Craig Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
    2. Amber Larimer - Ellensburg, WA
  • Deana Reynolds - Sacramento CA
    1. Alexandria Enderley - Sacramento, CA
    2. Toni Enderley - Sacramento, CA
Bernie Gene Crouse, Jr - Maricopa, AZ (Bernie's 3rd child)
  • Jerri Meyers - Ellensburg, WA
    1. Shelby Meyers - Ellensburg, WA
Mike & Helen Brown (Crouse) - Milton-Freewater, OR (Helen is Bernie's 4th child)

Arthur Alvin Crouse (Deceased March 2002) (Bernie's 5th Child) & Lanae Crouse - Auburn, WA - Widow of Arthur

  • Joy Pines Crouse - Puyallup, WA
    1. Rachel Pines - Puyallup, WA
  • Joannie & Rob Cole - Spanaway, WA
    1. Nancy Cole - Spanaway, WA
  • Duane Crouse - Tacoma, WA
James (Jim) Henry & Dawn Crouse - Ellensburg, WA (Bernie's 6th child)
  • Brandy & Chris Carnell - Aviano, Italy
  • Brigette Dingman - Portland, OR
  • Naomi E Crouse - Ellensburg, WA
  • Dallas J Crouse - Ellensburg, WA

II. Descendants of Arlene Ella Durand (Crouse) were...

Dean & Jo Durand - Polson, MT

  • Michael & Lauri Durand - Renton, WA
  • Aleta Mergenthaler - Polson, MT
    1. Taylor Mergenthaler - Polson, MT
    2. Yzabel Mergenthaler - Polson, MT
    3. Coral Mergenthaler - Polson, MT
III. Descendants of Earlene VanHorn (Crouse) (Deceased) were...

Louis & Sandy Loeck (VanHorn)
  • Jon Fagerlie (not in attenadance)
    1. Danielle Dunlap
  • Teresa Fagerlie
    1. Mackenzie Fagerlie
    2. Michaela Fagerlie
    3. Miriah Fagerlie
    4. Michael Fagerlie
IV. Descendants of Jack Dempsey Crouse (Deceased) were...

Jack Crouse - Chandler, AZ

V. Descendants of Melvin Joseph Crouse (Deceased) were...

Sherrie Smith (Crouse) - Ft Morgan, CO

Marlin Crouse - Haigler, NE

  • Jordon Crouse - Haigler, NE
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